The challenges are many...

The solution is extraordinarily simple.

Thousands of tried and true games galore because

the WAY we PLAY matters!


Bring back the LOVE of PLAY with engaging, rewarding, super-fun games and activities! The only turn-key activity program of it's kind.

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Tandalay is a simple, effective, affordable, FUN and rewarding program that benefits EVERY BODY. Tandalay is a proven, research based, comprehensive physical education, activity, and recreation program designed to simplify YOUR life while adding FUN, excitement, and success for everyone!

THREE developmental levels

Lil' Tykes (K–2), Young'uns (3–5), and Tweeners (6–8), each with:

16 Themed Units, including
  • Locomotor and Nonlocomotor Skills
  • Traditional Sports
  • Nontraditional Sports
  • Dance and Gymnastics
  • Fitness and Health
  • Parachutes and Jump Ropes
  • Team and Camp Games
  • Water and Fun Days
  • Many more!
10 Lesson Plans Per Unit
  • Focus Standards for the Unit
  • Warm up
  • Practice Activities
  • Group Challenges
  • Games
  • Cool Down
  • Character Discussions
  • All activities are inclusive
  • Appropriate for all abilities – including special needs
  • Lessons progress from simple to more complex
  • Emotional and physical safety is emphasized before competition
  • All games follow the Snapshot Rule: take a picture – all players are active all the time!
Unit Newsletters
  • Includes each unit’s focus standards
  • Article to educate around the standards
  • At-home challenges to encourage increased fitness and healthy nutrition
  • Fun graphics
  • Available in English and Spanish

Plus more:

  • Video Library featuring games and activities for various units
  • All NASPE standards and benchmarks unpacked and ready to teach
    • What the student needs to know and be able to do to achieve success
    • Teaching cues for proper form or knowledge needed to achieve success
    • Learning and practice opportunities through provided games and activities
    • Assessment activity suggestions
    • Complete rubric scoring with criteria for quick and easy assessment

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