Tandalay Curriculum - All-Out-PLAY

Purposeful Learning for Active Youth

Tandalay Curriculum is a maximum engagement, research based, standards-driven curriculum that brings the power of engagement and group interaction to physical education. Every lesson is planned with purpose and intention to create a safe learning environment filled with enriching skill development, team-building, and rewarding fitness and movement experiences for every child, regardless of ability levels.

When played with purpose, physical education increases academic success, reduces behavior issues, and teaches cooperation, teamwork, kindness, and integrity. When a student's body is fit and healthy the mind quickly follows.

Staff Development Training with Tandalay enables teachers to use grouping strategies, team-building, positive reinforcement, stress-coping mechanisms, and a focus on excellence and perseverance to empower students on and off the playing field. Lessons learned on the field translate to increased learning in the classroom. Fit kids not only perform better academically, but students who learn to work cooperatively with others, learn how to motivate and inspire others, and who learn to bounce back from loss and adversity, are students who thrive in the classroom, and in life.