Grades 3-5

Locomotor & Manipulative Games

Equipment needed: Fluffilos, hoops, Tandanas

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5
"In Formation" 
& Lend a Helping Hand Personal Space Hoops Run to Different Objects Personal Space Fluffilos Leader of the Pack
Get-to-Know w/ Toss-a-Flo' Fluffilo Juggling Personal Differences Hot Hoops! Distance Jump
Fluffilo Juggling Fluffilo Frenzy Lily-Pad Leaders Hula Hoop Shuttle Kangaroo Team Challenge
PLANKton Tag Melting Icebergs Barn Animal Feeding Frenzy Wolves and Rabbits Lily-Pad Leaders
Hot Hoops! Alaskan Shipwreck Wild Animal Rescue Stuck in the Mud Melting Icebergs
Fed-Up with Put-Downs Cool Down Stretch Put-Ups Knots & Discussion Put-Ups and Teamwork

Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9 Lesson 10
Jog/Jack & Stretching Aerobic Conga Line Push Up Wave Movement and Stretching Head to Toe - Pass the Fl'o
Duck-Duck-Goose (Partner Style) Hula Hoop Shuttle Bears, Crabs and Kangaroos! Water Intake Lend a Helping Hand
Bear Crawlers Barn Animal Feeding Frenzy PLANKton Tag Over-Under To and Fro! Tigers & Zebras
Stuck in the Mud Alaskan Shipwreck "Tarantula" Melting Icebergs Over-Under To and Fro! 
Wolves and Rabbits Kangaroo Team Challenge Tigers & Zebras Wild Animal 
Rescue Royal Flush
Stretch & Muscle Talk Knots Healthy Food Stretching & Nutrition Talk Take the Lead Stretch, Role Play, and Write